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We're here to bring you the best Janitorial Cleaning services in Colorado. Bottom line, we are unmatched at our prices. We offer comprehensive cleaning service(s) at better prices and greater quality than our competitors. Our promise to our customers is simple. We will be reliable, professional, and best of all, consistently provide you with quality results at the best prices possible.

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We're Ludega Janitorial, one small part of Ludega. After 10+ years of friendship, we came together to build better lives for ourselves and one another one window at a time. Thank you so much for welcoming us to Denver and allowing us to provide Window Cleaning Services to you!



Alex is the Founder of Ludega and a partner at Ludega Janitorial Services. It's his mission to help Ludega Janitorial Services forge a path of success in today's competitive and complex world.



Eric is a Co-founder, Partner, and CMO at Ludega Janitorial Services. With him he brings his proven methodologies and the experience he gained operating, growing, and managing Ludega Window Cleaning.



Mitch is a Partner at Ludega Janitorial Services. With Mitch's help hard work, and wise guidance, there is no doubt Ludega Janitorial Services will grow and thrive!

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